Artist statement

I am a young African passionates about art, particularly photography. Lover of life and all that composes it, I turned my camera into the perfect mate to capture those moments of life that the eye ignores, and that we tend to forget with time. These moments of joy, sadness, anger, love that make up our daily lives. Defining myself as a street photographer, I walk from place to place looking for vivid scenes of life. Innocent, happy, oblivious, careless, naive, children are the true ones. Proud of the continent in which I grew up, I tend to value our cultures, our values, our identities, with series of images depicting the characters we are. Big fan of black and white, I have made it my personal touch. 


Ussi'n Yala is a young African born in Libreville, Gabon in 1993. He is a rebel emerging self-taught photographer who spent most of his life between Pointe-Noire, CG and Libreville, GA. Based in Paris, his work consists of portraits, editorial and street photography. He is a graduate in banking and finance and now studies a master in communication and digital marketing.

Ussi'n Yala