Ussi’n Yala is a 27-year-old self-taught photographer originally from Libreville, Gabon and currently based in Paris, France.

From an early age, he navigated through the art world by first cultivating a strong interest in music and drawing, before discovering in 2015 a real passion for photography.

Endowed with a strong sensitivity and aware that all forms of discrimination constitute a threat against living together, Ussi'n has found in fashion and portrait photography, an interesting tool allowing him to document and celebrate cultural, gender and sexual diversities in Africa and its diaspora.

He has worked with clients such as Adobe, and has seen his work exhibited internationally in Paris, London, Switzerland, Montreal and more.

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Artist Statement

In a context where homophobia & transphobia are growing in African communities, I find it important to document the lives of those who do not conform to gender and sex norms in order to change the idea that the notion of "queer" is imported and foreign to Africa. 

This approach allows me to deconstruct stereotypes based on gender identity and beauty criteria as imposed by Western society and more particularly the media.

Through my photographs I express a desire for freedom, creation and self-assertion by portraying a generation of young queer Africans as never seen before.



Group shows:

CONNECTION DIGITAL EUROPE "1854 Meet the Unsigned" - LE BOOK, April 2021

IDENTITY Virtual Exhibition - The Holy Art Gallery, January - February, 2021


Group shows:

Black Art Matters - Maag Halle, Zurich, July - August, 2020

photoSCHWEIZ - Hall 622 & Stage One, Zurich, January, 2020


Group shows:

Prix Picto de la Mode - Palais Galliera, Paris, October, 2017

Bodies of the Earth - Centre of African Studies, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, October, 2017 - March, 2018

Diaspora Speaking 2nd Edition - Artgang Montreal, Montreal CA, September, 2017

Solo shows:

Moadiga x Onze Home - Paris, April, 2017


Group shows:

Moadiga x Afro Dinner - Paris, November, 2016

Solo shows:

AFRICAN ART FAIR 2016 - Gallerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, October, 2016.