Ussi’n YALA is a self-taught photographer born (1993) and raised in Gabon. He navigates through the art world from an early age by first cultivating a strong interest in music and drawing. 

In 2015, a real passion for photography arose. With his small camera in his hand, he walks the streets of Libreville and documents the daily life of its inhabitants through black and white portraits taken from life. His sensitivity and his keen eye are quickly appreciated by those around him. 

In 2016, the series of portraits "Pink Albino" takes a new look at albinism in order to fight against their extermination in Africa. It is then exhibited at the African Art Fair 2016 in Paris through Moadiga, an online gallery dedicated to African photography. 

Now based in Paris, his artistic work takes a much more committed direction to better explore the diversity of gender and cultural identities within African communities affected by the diaspora.

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Group shows:

Black Art Matters - Maag Halle, Zurich, July - August, 2020

photoSCHWEIZ - Hall 622 & Stage One, Zurich, January 10-14, 2020


Group shows:

Prix Picto de la Mode - Palais Galliera, Paris, October 9, 2017

Bodies of the Earth - Centre of African Studies, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, October 2, 2017 - March 30, 2018

Diaspora Speaking 2nd Edition - Artgang Montreal, Montreal CA, September 30, 2017

Solo shows:

Moadiga x Onze Home - Paris, April 2017


Group shows:

Moadiga x Afro Dinner - Paris, November 2016

Solo shows:

AFRICAN ART FAIR 2016 - Gallerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, October 20 - October 23, 2016.