Self-taught photographer based in Paris and originally from Gabon.


Blogs & reviews

ABDUZEEDO - The Fluid Self Photo Series by Ussi’n Yala exclusive on Adobe Stock, April 2018.

ADOBE BLOG - The Fluid Self by Ussi’n Yala, April 2018.

HUNGER MAGAZINE - Ussi'n Yala’s photographs explore gender, sexuality and prejudice, April 2018.

CREATIVE CONNECTION - The Fluid Self by Ussi’n Yala, April 2018.

THE 405 - Art Spotlight: Ussi’n Yala, March 2018.

LOOKAT.AFRICA - Ussi'n Yala, February 2018.

LOOKING GLASS COLLECTIVE - Inspiration comes from cultural belonging, Sept. 2017.

TRUE AFRICA - 5 of the best young photographers exploring identity through portraiture, July 2017.

INADEN DESIGN - La photographie africaine, tout un art, March 2017.

GABON CÉLÉBRITÉS - Le photographe Ussi’n YALA s’engage pour la cause des albinos, October 2016.

OMOKERIN - 7 Contemporary West African Photographers You Should Know", September 2016.

GABON CÉLÉBRITÉS - Les 5 comptes gabonais à suivre absolument sur Instagram", August 2016

LA NOUVELLE TRIBUNE - Gabon : un jeune photographe lance une campagne en faveur des albinos, August 2016.

INSPIRE AFRIKA - Stop treating albino as abnormal people, August 2016.

BLACK AND GABOMA - Ussi’n Yala: vers l’infini et au delà, February 2016.


CASLIBRARYBLOG - “Bodies of the Earth” – photography exhibition @AfrStudiesLib & @CASCambridge, September 2017.


ARTGANG MONTREAL - Sayaspora Presents: Diaspora Speaking 2nd Edition, September 2017.

ONZE HOME'S EXHIBITION - Moadiga x Onze Home, April 2017.

AFRO DINER'S EXHIBITION - Moadiga x Afro Dinner, November 2016.

AFRICAN ART FAIR 2016 - Moadiga x Ussi'n Yala, October 2016.